Sometimes we find ourselves stuck.  We’re not sure how we got here or how to even begin moving forward.  Some are fortunate to receive support from friends and family, but even then, sometimes it helps to have the empathy and understanding of an outsider.


Often, when we’re in the middle of a mess, it’s difficult to see any options before us.  It may seem odd to consider speaking with a stranger about your difficult feelings, troublesome thoughts, and patterns of unhealthy behavior, but sometimes we need to gain some perspective, get out of our own head, and hear some fresh feedback.


My name is Julie and I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the state of Washington.  I’m so glad you’ve made the courageous gesture of asking for help.  By exploring your mental health options, you have taken a very important step in caring for yourself.  As a Licensed Counselor, my goal is to help you recognize your own potential and capacity for healing and change.  Each individual has a unique and intimate story to share and I am grateful when invited to join in on one’s journey.

Hopefully, by exploring my website, some of your questions will be answered. Please feel free to give me a call should you wish to meet or simply to clarify any concerns you may have.