Scheduling and Fees

You can expect our first session (Intake) to last about 80 minutes.  This first appointment lasts longer than typical counseling sessions because I must complete a full Diagnostic Assessment.  In making assessments and recommendations, I consider the whole person:  physical, psychological (mental/emotional), social, and spiritual.  I do not make any assumptions or judgments about your character based on our short time together.


Most subsequent counseling sessions last about 50 minutes.  The frequency of sessions is based on many different factors, including: availability, insurance coverage, severity of problems, progress toward goals, motivation for treatment, etc.  As you make progress, frequency of sessions will decrease.  Remember, you always have the right to stop therapy at any time.


80 minute session: $150

50 minute session: $100


Payment is due at the time of service in the form of cash, check or card.  You may file a claim with your insurance for my services as a Mental Health Counselor, but please keep in mind that I am an Out of Network Provider.  Before scheduling your first appointment, I would encourage you to speak with your insurance company regarding coverage of sessions, amount of sessions, and any other requirements/limitations they might have for mental health treatment. Although I do not submit the billing for you, I am happy to provide you with a claim form for your insurance with all of the necessary documentation for billing.  If you wish to bill your insurance, I will provide you with a claim form summarizing your treatment every 4-6 sessions.